The Purrfect Candle Company

I started making candles because I love them and all of the warm feelings and memories that come with them, but was unable to find a brand that kept me coming back for more. I would smell a candle in a store or at a craft show, fall in love, and immediately purchase it, but once I burned it, the scent that I fell in love with would be virtually non-existent. It was pure disappointment. After hundreds of unsatisfying burns, I decided that I would just have to make the candles myself.  I set out to create a line of scents that wouldn't leave even the pickiest of candle lovers disappointed. Test after test, I searched for the "purrfect" combination to deliver an excellent cold throw with an equally excellent hot throw. Through the daunting task of trial and error, I developed a recipe that even I would keep coming back for.

What started out as a hobby, and opportunity for me to create and burn candles that I felt were worth the money spent, quickly flourished into a business endeavor.  I gave my candles and melts to friends and family and they fell in love.  They urged me to start selling, so I went for it.  Do what you love and love what you do, right?  So I thought, why not give it a try!  With the help and support of my husband and family, I began going through the steps to turn my hobby into a business.  I started thinking of ways that I could generate income, but also give back in the process. Then it clicked.  I set out with a goal to donate a portion of the profits made from each sale to select animal shelters - and that is exactly what I am doing today! We are currently working with Mending Hearts Animal Rescue.

Here are a couple links for more information on Mending Hearts Animal Rescue.

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